How to build a great email marketing campaign

A great email campaign is not just about hitting the right keywords.You must be able to target the right emails at the right people at the correct time.If you want to reach people who might be interested in your business, email marketing is the only way to do it.There are plenty of email marketing platforms out there, and they all […]

Fulfilling an ad executive’s dream: Why you should be an ad marketer

If you’re a business that makes money by promoting your product or service, you need to be prepared to make more than just regular cash.But how can you get a better return on your investment?It’s a question that is increasingly being asked as ad technology, social media, video, and mobile technologies become more mainstream and increasingly valuable.And it’s one that’s […]

When is the perfect time to buy a house?

Today’s market is getting less and less like the last one, and more and more like the future, according to real estate agent and author Mark Z. Danielewski.In his latest book, The Art of the Buy, Danielawski explains why the time to sell a home is now.The key is understanding your timeline and the market.“When we say ‘today,’ what we […]