How to create a brand identity for yourself

If you’ve ever spent time online or watched TV in the last few months, you’ve probably seen a slew of online brands, including the likes of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and even Instagram. But if you’ve spent a few minutes online in the past few months or years, you might have noticed that a lot of these companies have failed to […]

What’s up with Mom’s Market? With a stock market rally, mom’s market is booming!

Markets are in high gear and there is a huge amount of excitement surrounding the stock market.There is so much speculation surrounding the market that it is almost overwhelming.In the past few days, there have been massive price increases and there are rumors that many companies are planning to close their doors.Some stocks are even trading at an all time […]

The world’s top 3-D printers, updated July 14th 2018

The world is changing rapidly and we need to prepare for this, according to the latest update on 3-Ds printing.The world will be a little bit different in five years time, says Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook. According to Zuckerberg, “It’s a little more challenging, but it’s also more exciting”. Zuckerberg says that in the next five years, we will see a […]