Indian stock market shares rally as BSE closes in on 4-year high: report

The stock market has been up on Friday in India’s biggest economy.The Sensex is up more than 3% to 8,096.21, the Nifty is up 1% to 7,845.80 and the BSE is up 2% to 9,852.72.Analysts said the rally was driven by a strong sentiment towards the economy and the government’s efforts to get the economy out of a slump.The BSE […]

Why Kings Market has a lot of good news

NEW YORK — Kings Market, the New York-based company that makes all manner of fine food items, announced Monday that it is selling its shares at a discount of 75 cents a share.The company said that it expects to be profitable in 2017, as it works to expand its food business into more markets and get customers into its restaurants.While […]