How to beat the korean markets and sell on eBay

How to sell on Ebay and other digital platforms?For those who are just starting out, we have a guide for you.1.Make it easy to understand.2.Sell on eBay is more than just a website.3.Make your listing simple.4.Sell your products at the lowest possible price.5.Sell with a good search engine.6.Sell for lower prices than others.7.Sell at a lower risk to yourself.8.Sell a […]

Global halal stock market hits a new high as sales surge

NEW YORK — The global halal meat market has hit a new peak as sales continue to rise as consumers are increasingly willing to buy meat that has been raised without animal products.Halal market data provider Talal says there were 6.6 billion halal sales in March, up nearly 6% from a year earlier, while demand for meat rose 10% in […]

The best grain markets in Dallas 2020

DALLAS — A couple hundred miles west of Dallas, on a busy interstate in a sprawling city that is about to see its largest corn harvest in more than 30 years, farmers are looking for a new way to market their crop.On a weekday in late July, a group of people gathered at a farm gate near the intersection of […]

Why is there a new African market in Africa?

By the end of the year, the U.S. will be home to more than 4 million African-Americans, up from just over 3 million just a few years ago.In many ways, this is a harbinger of the future: A global economy driven by the U, D and O, and a massive influx of African immigrants, with some even considering moving to […]

Why Bitcoin is worth $3,500,000,000—but you’ll have to get used to it

A lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts believe that the cryptocurrency is worth billions of dollars.Bitcoin’s value is based on the value of its coins, which are created using cryptography, and are bought and sold with the cryptocurrency.It’s been rising steadily over the past few years.So why is it worth more than $3 billion?The answer is because Bitcoin has a lot of […]

Why are women investing in crypto?

Mother’s market share in the crypto market is increasing as women become increasingly interested in investing in digital currencies and cryptocurrencies.Mother’s Market Share for the Mother’s Cryptocurrency Market Share (MMSS) has increased from 2.5% to 3.2% since the end of 2018, according to Crypto Markets Analytics.The mother market is growing exponentially as women increasingly turn to crypto-currencies as a way […]

Stock market opens on Tuesday, but market is down 2%

MARKET OPENING IN: MARKET HOURS: 9AM-7PM (EDT) MARKET CLOSING: 7PM-6AM (EDW) NEW YORK (Reuters) – The benchmark S&P 500 index ended its day higher on Tuesday but fell more than 1 percent, the worst performance since March 2008.The index ended at 7,742.63, down 2.1 percent.The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the benchmark of technology stocks, finished at 2,569.25, up 0.2 percent.The […]

How to Buy Stock, Stock Market Predictions, and Predictions for the Future

The stock market is on fire and the bull market is coming.This is because it’s a way to predict the future and profit from it.That’s why stocks are being sold on a daily basis and the market price is so high.Here are five stock market forecasts and predictions that have a great chance of being a good investment.The first is […]

Digital marketing startup Paypal is investing $2.5 million in startup Paymatt

By Kim S. Ho-juThe startup’s $2 billion valuation comes as PayPal grapples with the fallout from the resignation of its former CEO, Peter Thiel, after he donated more than $500,000 to Trump’s campaign.Paypal’s $1.8 billion valuation is based on its $5 billion annual revenue and more than 2.7 million active users.The startup was founded in 2015 and was acquired by […]