The Latest: Apple to unveil its first Apple Pay-enabled Apple Watch

The first of Apple’s new Apple Watch models will be released on Wednesday, November 19th.The watch’s “digital crown” will be incorporated into the stainless steel case, making it a completely separate device that can be worn separately.“The Apple Watch is going to be more than just a fitness tracker, it’s going to have the capability to connect to a range […]

Australian market stalls for the holidays

Markets are back at their usual shopping frenetic pace this Christmas as Australian food and drink makers are stocking up for a bumper winter market.Key points:Food markets have been bustling with festive shoppers for the past few yearsFoodies can buy from the likes of Australian supermarket chain Aldi, Chinese online marketplace Zomato and supermarket chains Trader Joe’s and Food Express.They […]

How to make your Chinese food more affordable

With the price of rice and vegetables falling in China, many Chinese consumers are looking for more affordable alternatives.Here are some tips to help you get your rice and vegetable prices under control.1.Shop local If you’re in the US, try to find the best deals on local Chinese food.Most places will have the best prices in your area, so that’s […]