Which is the best Chinese stock market?

A lot of the top performers on China’s stock market this year are the same ones that have enjoyed stellar performances during the past decade, according to a new report.The market has been a magnet for Chinese investors, who flock to stock markets to find bargains.But many of those who have made fortunes in China’s booming stock market are now […]

Stock market opens on Tuesday, but market is down 2%

MARKET OPENING IN: MARKET HOURS: 9AM-7PM (EDT) MARKET CLOSING: 7PM-6AM (EDW) NEW YORK (Reuters) – The benchmark S&P 500 index ended its day higher on Tuesday but fell more than 1 percent, the worst performance since March 2008.The index ended at 7,742.63, down 2.1 percent.The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the benchmark of technology stocks, finished at 2,569.25, up 0.2 percent.The […]