How to use a cryptocurrency for the first time

Cryptocurrencies are a growing asset class, with an increasing number of investors looking to get into the game with a cryptocurrency investment.The most popular cryptocurrencies are bitcoin, ether, litecoin and dogecoin, and have grown in popularity in recent years.But how to start investing in them?Here are the basics of cryptocurrency investing and how to invest in different cryptocurrencies:What is a […]

New Galleria Market to be sold to developers

Galleria Markets is being sold to a group of developers for $1.3 billion.The sale was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.The company was valued at $1 billion when it closed last year.The news comes on the heels of another announcement by Galleria, a company that is currently being acquired by a Chinese investment firm, that it will be closing […]

CNBC Money Market Goes to $8.00/L in NY

CNBC Money Markets – A CNBC Money market that went to $88.00 in New York on Tuesday is going to be gone soon.This was announced by the stock exchange as CNBC Markets announced that it will not be trading.The stock market in New Jersey went down to $89.00 on Tuesday.┬áThe market went into a tailspin in the morning of Tuesday.It […]

How to make your Chinese food more affordable

With the price of rice and vegetables falling in China, many Chinese consumers are looking for more affordable alternatives.Here are some tips to help you get your rice and vegetable prices under control.1.Shop local If you’re in the US, try to find the best deals on local Chinese food.Most places will have the best prices in your area, so that’s […]

Fulton Fish Market: A good deal on a good price

Posted by The Verge on Sunday, February 24, 2018 12:30:05A couple weeks ago I was looking at my local market and saw a fish market sign on my way to work.I looked down and saw two of my favorite fish, two of the best in the state, on sale for $14.99.The price tag was the most ridiculous price I’ve ever […]