How to profit from a European stock market crash

The stock market in the European Union crashed last week to a new low after a Greek government official said it would impose a two-year tax on shares traded by foreigners and Greek businesses.The Greek government on Thursday also announced that it would require all companies to set up foreign-owned branches and pay a tax of 25 percent on their […]

What you need to know about the world’s largest stock market game

The largest stock markets in the world, with more than a trillion shares traded in them, have become a hot topic of conversation in recent years.This year, the United States, the world capital, has been in the news for its stock market meltdown in 2018, as well as its economic woes, which are often blamed on Donald Trump’s election win.But […]

Phil and I discuss the stock market and the world of email marketing

We are going to dive deep into the world and industry of email marketers.We will also discuss some of the common marketing tactics that people use in the world, like email marketing and SEO.Phil, I am excited to talk about what we use, and why it works for us.I am sure you will too.You will learn how we create emails […]