“The Flea Market is a Fierce Business”

In the early 2000s, a small business called the Flea Markets in Kansas City, Missouri, decided to bring the idea of flea markets to the masses.The business was based on a similar idea of bringing people together to enjoy a food and fun market.And in 2007, the Fleas were born.Now, they are a leading market in the United States and […]

Why Flea Market and The Biggest City in the World Are Called Fleas

The most recent Flea Markets in New York, London, and Amsterdam all feature the same theme: “Be the first to see the latest products at the flea markets.”But while these urban centers may be home to the most popular flea species, their residents are also the most likely to die.That’s because fleas are a parasitic life form, which means they […]

Which real estate prices are going up and down in India?

In the month of February, India saw a whopping increase in home prices of 10.24% compared to January’s 9.97% increase.The average price of a house in the country jumped 17.25% from the previous month to Rs 13,890 per sqft.In fact, the average price in February was nearly double the price of the same month last year.This means that, according to […]