Why Kings Market has a lot of good news

NEW YORK — Kings Market, the New York-based company that makes all manner of fine food items, announced Monday that it is selling its shares at a discount of 75 cents a share.The company said that it expects to be profitable in 2017, as it works to expand its food business into more markets and get customers into its restaurants.While […]

How to use a cryptocurrency for the first time

Cryptocurrencies are a growing asset class, with an increasing number of investors looking to get into the game with a cryptocurrency investment.The most popular cryptocurrencies are bitcoin, ether, litecoin and dogecoin, and have grown in popularity in recent years.But how to start investing in them?Here are the basics of cryptocurrency investing and how to invest in different cryptocurrencies:What is a […]

Which social media marketing hubs have the best influencers?

Fox News is partnering with the social media industry to give the best of the best new businesses a chance to get noticed.In this week’s episode of Fox Business Insider, host Steve Forbes and Business Insider founder Kevin Rose take a look at the social marketing hubs with the best and worst influencers.