Lawrence Fish Market: US stocks to rally as stocks rise in Asian markets

US stocks will rally on Friday, after President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning travel to the US from seven majority-Muslim countries was upheld in the Supreme Court.Read moreThe US stock market is expected to fall around 1%, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling around 14,000 points.The Nikkei 225 is expected by analysts to trade up around 10%, with […]

How to predict the future of oil, stocks, and the rest of the world

Markets are awash with oil stocks and gold.The oil market is now worth an estimated $6 trillion and the gold market, worth around $4 trillion, is worth around two-thirds of the entire global economy.So, what is all of this about?It turns out the world is in the midst of a “long-term boom,” with oil producing the vast majority of the […]