When the law takes a stand for you

It’s been five months since Lawrence Fish Market closed its doors, but the landmark business has remained open, thanks to its owners.A few years after its closure, the market was featured on the Discovery Channel show “The Price Is Right,” and its former tenant, the Galleria Market, reopened in 2017.Fish Market is also a national landmark, with an estimated one […]

Why is the Dow closing at its highest level since 1929?

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average on track for its worst close since 1929, investors are being forced to ponder what the worst-case scenario could be for the world economy.According to the S&P 500 Index, the Dow has hit a record high of 17,838.25 points, with the Nasdaq at 17,622.93 points.The S&P 500 has been closing higher for nearly a […]

How the Japanese government has become a global leader in the use of social media

Leaf Market, the popular Tokyo market, has turned into a giant social media giant.The market has nearly 70 million visitors a year, and nearly half of the visitors come from the U.S., Canada and China, according to a new study from Bloomberg.But how the government uses social media has been far less well understood.It was only in 2017 that a […]