How to Buy a $1.2 Billion Rolex with a $500,000 Credit Card

The new Rolex is the most expensive timepiece ever.So why would anyone buy it?Why buy something that has been around for only a few years?For many, the answer is obvious: it is the first time a luxury watch has ever been offered at such a price point.And for those of us who have spent the last couple of decades living […]

Why You Should Stop Eating Fatties, But Not All Seafood

What’s a good fattie?I’m not sure, but if you’re a fan of fried shrimp or deep fried chicken, then you’ll want to stop eating them.But if you don’t want to lose weight or have to cook yourself a good one, you’ll definitely want to try some other fatties.Here are the best fattes for you to try.Fattie Recipe: Beef Short Ribs […]