Canada’s Petco will sell petco at market garden to make way for new petco grocery business

Petco Inc. said Wednesday it will close the Krog Street Market Garden store it closed last year and relocate its petco business to a new building in Krog St. Market, where it plans to sell pet coke and petco foods and services.Petco is moving its operations from a large, indoor Petco store at the north end of Krog Market to […]

How to Buy a $1.2 Billion Rolex with a $500,000 Credit Card

The new Rolex is the most expensive timepiece ever.So why would anyone buy it?Why buy something that has been around for only a few years?For many, the answer is obvious: it is the first time a luxury watch has ever been offered at such a price point.And for those of us who have spent the last couple of decades living […]

Why are the PCCs looking to bring in new tenants?

In the latest development, PCC tenants have applied for permission to apply for an extension to the PCCC, which means they can open more places in the city.They’re hoping the move will increase demand for the iconic building which, since it opened in 1997, has become the home of many famous actors, including Peter Cushing and George Clooney.The PCC, which […]