NNAA: The biggest stocks to buy right now

On Monday, NNAG announced it had sold off $8.7 billion worth of shares to raise $11.3 billion in a round of financing, the biggest single-day sale of NNA stocks since the company was formed in 2006.The shares are valued at $11 billion, up by more than $2 billion from the closing price of the previous day’s offering.NNAG’s announcement comes on […]

Global halal stock market hits a new high as sales surge

NEW YORK — The global halal meat market has hit a new peak as sales continue to rise as consumers are increasingly willing to buy meat that has been raised without animal products.Halal market data provider Talal says there were 6.6 billion halal sales in March, up nearly 6% from a year earlier, while demand for meat rose 10% in […]

The stock market crash that started with a ‘smaller scale’ and has since expanded

Investors and analysts are blaming the global economic crisis on a small-scale market crash and not the U.S. market crash of 1929.But a new report from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) finds that the “crash was far more severe than many had initially feared.”The report, released Thursday, also says that the stock market has recovered since the […]