Indian stock market shares rally as BSE closes in on 4-year high: report

The stock market has been up on Friday in India’s biggest economy.The Sensex is up more than 3% to 8,096.21, the Nifty is up 1% to 7,845.80 and the BSE is up 2% to 9,852.72.Analysts said the rally was driven by a strong sentiment towards the economy and the government’s efforts to get the economy out of a slump.The BSE […]

What is your market cap?

Today we’re going to dive deep into the stock market for you, and we’ll take a look at how many shares you own, how much you own and the market value of your holdings.As an example, let’s look at an article published today from Business Insider.Business Insider describes itself as a “fierce, independent media company.”It was founded in 2005 by […]