Chinese stocks, Chinese tourists: Can a new wave of investment bring the Chinese economy to life?

It is a week since a group of young Chinese students boarded a plane bound for Taiwan and spent their first two days in the capital, Taipei.They arrived in an unassuming building that looked like any other office space.The place was a little like a school cafeteria.But for some reason, a small group of Chinese students had set up their […]

Why is the Dow closing at its highest level since 1929?

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average on track for its worst close since 1929, investors are being forced to ponder what the worst-case scenario could be for the world economy.According to the S&P 500 Index, the Dow has hit a record high of 17,838.25 points, with the Nasdaq at 17,622.93 points.The S&P 500 has been closing higher for nearly a […]

How to Buy Stock, Stock Market Predictions, and Predictions for the Future

The stock market is on fire and the bull market is coming.This is because it’s a way to predict the future and profit from it.That’s why stocks are being sold on a daily basis and the market price is so high.Here are five stock market forecasts and predictions that have a great chance of being a good investment.The first is […]