How the price of a sofa might be driving up the price

A recent article by James Cook and the Future of Furniture has made a number of interesting points, most notably the idea that sofa prices are driven by the demand for them by people who are looking for a new style of sofa.While there are certainly a number who would argue that the current trend of “sleeping on the sofa” […]

How to identify the fairway market and the ranch market in the US

How to determine whether the ranch and fairway markets are in competition?Here’s a look.– In the United States, it is illegal for one ranch or one fairway to be listed on more than one exchange, meaning that if the fairways are in the same trade as one another, they are not trading together.– If a ranch is listed on multiple […]

How to find a leaf market in a leafy city

A leaf market may not be a big draw for most of us, but it’s worth trying if you’re in the mood for something a little more “urban” and “organic” than a typical foodie’s market.It can be a great way to find fresh produce, fresh herbs, vegetables, and even a few specialty shops.There are plenty of places to shop at, […]

How to get out of recession with this guide

Dublin city market is back in full swing and with good reason, as it has enjoyed the most sustained economic growth in a decade.The city has been hit hard by the global financial crisis, with the economy now valued at more than €4bn, up from €1.7bn in 2016.The Government’s budget in 2017 included a commitment to keep the city’s economy […]

Which is more popular: sprouts or the supermarket?

Farmers markets are the go-to spot for shoppers to sample different crops, meats, vegetables and fruits and the local market is where most of the big name farmers markets are located.And yet, the popularity of the market has been falling.The market is still booming, but its popularity is dropping.The popularity of farmers markets has been declining in the last two […]

How to win over a new audience with an old one

“You have to be very open and honest about what you’re trying to accomplish.”This is what I learned from a great interview I did with Bill Gates.It’s a question I often get asked about my book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.I wanted to find out how to get people to want to follow me.And how to make sure […]

Which is the hottest stock market for investors?

On a recent weekday afternoon, the sun was shining and it was easy to see how the market had turned around.The bull market in China had finally burst.Its rally since then, however, has been so spectacular that even the markets’ biggest names are starting to admit that it may not be so hot after all.This week, for instance, the Shanghai […]

How the Asian stock market got its name

“It was the beginning of the end,” says David S. Laskin, a professor at Cornell University’s department of management and economics who has studied the emergence of the Asian market.“The Japanese market went up and down for a decade, then it went down again, then up again.”Lasken says there was no market in Asia prior to the 1970s, and he […]

How to find the best markets to invest in 2018

How to spot the best stocks to buy and sell in 2018?The world has changed, and investing is no longer just a matter of being smart.It’s now about knowing when to buy when, and where to invest your money.It seems like a simple concept, but in this article, we’ll cover it in a little more detail.We all have an idea […]

Market Watch: How to Profit From the Future of Stock Market

A company’s stock price has historically correlated with its sales and profits, but a new market research firm says this is about to change.“The future of stock market trading is not far off,” said Michael McAndrew, managing director of the firm’s research firm.“With the advent of robots, a new type of trader will be able to get access to the […]